Favourite Friday: skincare remedies found in the kitchen

Sorry for being one day late again! But as for some of my readers it’s Friday still, here we go.

I like using natural skincare products and even more making my own from ingredients I wouldn’t mind in my food. These are some of my favourites:

  • vinegar (or lemon juice): not exactly skincare, but very useful diluted with water for an acidic hair rinse after using a shampoo bar or other shampoo substitutes
  • coconut oil: facial care at the moment coconut oil is the only thing I use daily on my face for softening and moisturising, works on other body parts as well (but is not rich enough for my dry skin, so I have to mix in shea butter or other stuff); also good on its own or mixed with olive oil to soften cuticles.
  • olive oil and sugar: mixed these make a wonderful scrub for face and body! You can add some salt, essential oils, and witch hazel extract for extra skin care and fragrance, but it works fine without these.
  • milk and honey: something I discovered just this week – I just dilute a teaspoon of honey in a little milk and use it to soften my skin. (Apply to legs, arms, face, or wherever you want it, wait until most of it has been absorbed by the skin, apply again, repeat a few times, then rinse off. Voilà, soft skin after just two days.)
  • baking soda: no minimalist/natural/hippie skincare list would be complete without baking soda. I don’t use it daily anymore, but especially when travelling with little luggage I use it instead of toothpaste (and at home sometimes for whitening my teeth), face wash/scrub (makes super soft skin and feels cleaner than after washing with just water), deodorant (both body and laundry), and occasionally also for washing my hair (only if vinegar or lemon juice is within reach, see above).
  • cornstarch, baking soda, and coconut oil: together these make a simple deodorising cream, works even better when mixing in tea tree oil and some other essential oils.
  • (cornstarch: matting face powder, especially for light skin, but for me it doesn’t work very well because it feels a little itchy. Or maybe I’m just allergic to the powder brush I use? Still a favourite for the simple yet ingenious idea some other blogger had.)

Do you have any simple beauty secrets including nothing but things found in the kitchen?


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