not that different

You used to seem so far away, so grown up and advanced, even-tempered and moving with easy grace, happy and calm and always helpful, never harsh;

But since I’ve come to know you I see the flaws as well, I’ve learned to see past the slow, deliberate movements and the thoughtful confidence they convey at first and second glance;

And while I move much quicker, hastier, masking clumsiness by fast pace and insecurity not always with a smile but sometimes with aggression, I love the beauty of serenity, long for balance, and care deeply about others, though maybe just a small number of persons right now, but about them with all the more fierce loyalty.

I see the bottom line, the symmetry of who we are

Standing out of a crowd, by both appearance and air

Playful, earnest, stern,

A singularity.

I guess after all we’re not that different, but you’re a better person.



It’s been a long time since I last wrote poetry portraits, and this one is different from my style back then. I might try to go back to what I used to do and write about those who are important to me now in my old ways.


What do you think?

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