self-experiment: essential oils to fight dizziness

Today while researching strategies to fight my dizziness and googling the properties of ginkgo biloba I came across an interesting article on the applications of rosemary. And then another one. Basically they say that rosemary can help with low blood pressure, circulation problems, and even some types of migraine. It can be taken internally as a tincture, tea, oil, or wine; or it can be used externally as tincture, oil, or essential oil. Well, there was some essential rosemary oil on our bathroom shelf as I knew it was helpful to fight dandruff and scalp itching. Let’s see what I can do with this stuff. In addition there are some other essential oils with properties that could help overcoming dizziness (both prevention and emergency) as well, for example peppermint and eucalyptus.

What do I have, what do I need?

I have essential rosemary oil, essential eucalyptus oil, but no peppermint. Instead I have some Japanese mint oil I use for colds. I have some virgin olive oil. And a tiny glass bottle.

What I need is something I can carry around to hold under my nose during dizzy spells, so it has to be strong enough for smelling; and I’d like something safe enough to be put on my skin to prevent dizziness and to keep my hands and feet from becoming ice blocks.

As I don’t show allergic reactions to barely diluted essential oils I mixed just a little olive oil (maybe 2-3 tablespoons) with a few drops of each essential oil. And a little more rosemary oil extra. I lost count of the drops, to be honest.

How ill I use it?

I’ll put the tiny bottle next to my bed and try to remember taking a whiff of it in the morning, as this is supposed to make getting up easier. In addition I’ll rub a little of the oil mix on the soles of my feet, my wrists, and my solar plexus (they only wrote about the soles of the feet and the solar plexus, but I tried it on my wrists tonight and my hands feel a little less icy while I’m typing this, so it can’t hurt, I guess). Maybe I’ll get my vaporizer from the living room and put it in the study. A tea light and some vaporised essential rosemary oil sound nice for a relaxing work atmosphere; and if this really helps to keep me concentrated and the drowsiness away – now that would be awesome. And to put it to the ultimate trial I’ll take the diluted oil mix with me to capoeira class next night. Let’s see whether rubbing another drop or two on my skin will help, and whether holding it under my nose in case of an acute dizzy spell will help me to recover faster.

I’ll be back with a report on this little self-experiment soon!


What do you think?

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