capoeira progress report, addendum

Today I went to capoeira class for the fourth time this week (crazy, I know) and felt pretty tired from the last three sessions already, but I’m glad I did go. At some point everybody started doing handstands, and as I can’t do a handstand in the middle of the room yet (even against the wall it doesn’t work most of the time) I decided to work on pressing into a headstand instead. So I got into the frog position, quickly put my head on the floor before I could lose balance, and tried to press my legs up, as I had been doing every now and then for over a year. Lo and behold, instead of feeling like bricks my knees suddenly left my elbows and I stood in a half headstand! I was able to reproduce this position a few times, and even though I wasn’t able to lift my legs all the way into a vertical position it felt awesome. I guess the soft floor in the dojo where today’s class took place was a big factor; when I went home and tried to press up into the headstand again I failed at first because the hard floor hurt my head, but when I placed a folded hoodie under my head it was easier. Lesson learned: take a soft hoodie to class in case of doing headstands. As I learn to hold my balance and place more weight on the hands I’ll try to get used to the hard floor (or move on to a handstand), but that’s for another year.

New goal for the remaining weeks of this year: learning to press up into a full headstand (with the help of a hoodie on the floor and a wall behind me  Update: been there, done that by end of November!

Goal for next year: press up into a handstand from a headstand against the wall


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