A few short thoughts on ‘Mockingjay’, a new Cold War, and Edward Snowden.

Yesterday we finally went to see the first part of “Mockingjay” in the cinema, and on the way home I remembered the thoughts and feelings that had crept up in me when reading the book (last Christmas, I guess?).

Basically it made me think about Cold War scenarios, current political tension, and Edward Snowden. When I read the book the whole buzz around the flight of Edward Snowden to Russia was still very fresh, so it was a little creepy to read about the conflict between the Capitol and District 13

My thoughts in a nutshell:

  • The Capitol represents the greedy western world, lead by the USA and including all those countries living up their ass (including the country I live in, apparently).
  • District 13 stands for communism, the former Soviet Union, and the current opponents of the USA.
  • Edward Snowden is the Mockingjay (or one instantiation of this concept at least)
  • We are at the brink of a new Cold War, or maybe it never was over to begin with.
  • Those who claim to be able to lead us into a brighter future are very likely to be just as power hungry and corruptible (maybe already corrupt) as those who hold the strings right now. There’s always a second side to every coin (pun fully intended). Have you ever noticed how the USA brand those as terrorists whom they had supported earlier one, calling them “liberators” or something like that? And those who promised a better future by means of replacing the strongholds of capitalism with a different kind of centralised power have so far failed to deliver the “better” part.

And the fact that YouTube has deleted the audio tracks of all uploaded videos with the full original version of “The Hanging Tree” doesn’t contribute to making me feel at ease. In the Hunger Games’ universe the song is forbidden, as are the mockingjay symbol and the three fingered salute. For YouTube it may just be about copyright worries and the general, ordinary money-mongery,  but the side effect, the subliminal implication is a far more political one. I found a working version of the song on another platform, though:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ays34_the-hanging-tree-the-hunger-games-mockingjay-pt-1-score-james-newton-howard_music

Oh, and apparently the song isn’t even included on the official soundtrack album that was released. (But it can be bought separately online, it seems. Whut?)

*whistles the four-note theme and disappears again*


What do you think?

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