Tauriel inspired hair and outfit


This is my first attempt of creating an elven hairstyle …

It doesn’t look that spectacular with thinned out hair (stupid hair loss, I used to have really really thick hair, now it’s annoyingly thin but still very tangly). The strand in front of the ear should be a lot thicker, but there wasn’t a lot of cooperative hair left at the temple after creating the two thin braids on each side. At the back all four braids are held together with a dark bronze butterfly clip (with pink-ish plastic gems) that I got years ago as a child and which I have dragged along since through at least seven moves without ever really wearing it.

I want to do a casual/closet cosplay (well, more like just an inspired outfit) of Tauriel for a friend’s Hobbit movie marathon in a few days, and as I had planned to dye my hair again with henna before going home for Christmas anyway I went through the messy business of applying henna on Sunday night already. (That’s not greasy hair, it’s nourishing coconut oil I used for styling, which also makes the hair look a lot darker in the pictures!). And look, it really is red, at least at the forehead/top where for some reason the last remains of baby blond hair and the first grey strands are both chilling together:


Viva la Mirkwood inspired outfit:


Layers of brown long sleeved shirt (instead of bracers over a green long sleeved top), an old and grubby green t-shirt (I really should try to clean it up a little), and an olive-brownish stretch tank top. The brown leg warmers will be worn to make my ankle boots look like full-lengths boots. I’m planning to wear my grey skinny jeans because they are comfortable, but depending on the weather might go with brown tights + green shorts instead – for some reason I’ve never ever bought a solid green skirt or dress in my life.  Should I feel very feminine that day I might add a short sun dress (white with a green-ish floral ornament pattern) as another layer under the three tops to give the whole ensemble some hint of a skirt/coat.  And I have three pairs of cheap earrings that might go with the outfit, but I can’t decide which one to wear; top to bottom: bronze with light green (not forest green at all, but these are the ones with the most “Mirkwood” vibe), silver with stars (“she walks in starlight”, would be my favourites if not for the fact that sadly these are very tarnished already, so I would have to cover them up with silver sharpie), and dangly stuff in dark green and silver (would go best of all with the outfit, but they just don’t feel very Tauriel-ish).

And I’ve assembled a small bag with movie related food stuff for the hostess, including (chocolate) gold coins and walnuts. Because … walnuts. I made a rune stone from cardboard as well, which I’ll stick to Darling (who is way taller than me, but sporting Kili-length hair right now^^) with masking tape or whatever and go around saying “He’s very tall for a dwarf, don’t you think?”


What do you think?

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