Last Roda of the Year

After on Friday we had had the last capoeira class of 2014 I went to a roda held by another capoeira association on Saturday evening (of course not alone, two people I know where there as well, I wouldn’t have had the guts to go all on my own to a group which plays a completely different style, because of social rules and stuff). So my last roda of the year was my very first Angola roda. It was fun, though my legs hurt from doing much more low movements than I’m used to; and half of the time I felt like I was just rolling around on the floor while trying to figure out what on earth was going on. The second time I played I found myself in chamadas two times or so, but somehow I survived that part as well. Most of the songs we had to sing along to where more or less familiar; and I liked that we were sitting instead of standing while not playing.

Bottom line: playing Angola is fun as well despite being a little confusing at first; and I might go to their roda again when it’s open for people from outside their group; still, when it comes to classes I’ll stick with Regional for the time being (but throw in some extra body weight exercises to get more strength for low movements – my legs and my back are killing me right now).

Sadly Friday had ended with bad news – not only one but two of the gym halls we used until now will be demolished next year, oops. So playing today provided a much nicer end of the capoeira season before the holidays. See you next year, meus camaradas :)


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