All the Make-up Stuff I Use Sometimes

Normally I don’t wear any make-up; I just put coconut oil on my skin after washing my face in the morning. Still, I own some make-up for when I want to look a little nicer (weddings, or having pictures taken). So this is what I own and use for the intended purpose … more or less.

First, concealer and compact powder. I don’t like liquid foundation and the likes – they never come in my light skin tone, they feel uncomfortable, and they cover up my freckles way too much. Without at least a hint of freckles I look like a pancake, so translucent powder it is. I own two shades – light and medium – by my favourite brand (a more natural option from the local drugstore, a lot less toxic than other cheap brands but still affordable). Light is pretty much my skin tone, just a tiny bit lighter. Medium is too dark for me most of the year (for a few weeks in summer it is okay-ish); I bought it by mistake. This one won’t be replaced. I don’t even know whether I’ll ever finish it before it starts to rot. For application I use either the fluffy pad that came with each powder, or the no-name brush I bought a while ago. The concealer is also by the natural brand and in the “light” shade. Its consistency is something between liquid and creamy. It’s supposed to be used under the eyes to hide dark circles; I use it mostly to cover up blemishes before applying the powder so no red spots will shine through.


I own three little boxes of eyeshadow, though most of the time I use just the plain one on the left, called “Warm Vanilla” (by a different toxin-free drugstore brand). The other two sets are by my usual brand. The last time I used the brownish set was for my wedding make-up last year, I believe; and even then I mostly used the two lightest shades (that’s why I bought the single colour pot of Warm Vanilla afterwards). The greyish tones are for when I wear my grey shorts and whatever grey clothing I own. Not used a lot in winter. One single brush, I don’t clean it very often as the shades in use are all very light and similar.


Other: Eyebrow pencil in “soft blond” with tiny brush on the cap, plus a dual sharpener. Red lipstick in “Terra”. Brown waterproof mascara by Manhattan (nearly empty), and brown mascara by my usual brand. The latter was a try to switch to a natural mascara as well, but they don’t offer a waterproof one in brown yet, and buying the normal one was a mistake; it smears all over the place as soon as my eyes water a little because of cold wind … so I’ll buy a new waterproof one by Manhattan again; I don’t use mascara that often anyways (even less than I wear other make-up), so the amount of toxic input is really limited – plus, it doesn’t touch the skin as much as the other make-up stuff.


Group shot: Most often used. Light powder and concealer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, nude/neutral eyeshadow. I also managed to break the hinge off the eyeshadow pot today.


Apart from these I own two versions of black liquid eyeliner (waterproof and non-waterproof) which I use for drawing temporary tattoos. Somewhere I got an unused brown solid eyeliner as well, which I got as a sample and want to get rid of. Another thing I don’t use for make-up purposes are some cheap sponges – I use them for dabbing really thin layers of acrylics on art projects.

You might have noticed the lack of nail polish. I simply don’t use (or own) nail-polish at the moment. It always looks weird on me, plus very toxic. There are healthier options available now, but they are very expensive and as it probably wouldn’t look good anyway (and my husband doesn’t like nail polish) I just skip that for now. I might add one colour in summer for fun if I have some extra money to spend. And clear nail-polish to blunt the edges of hair accessories; but that’s a whole different story.

Most likely to be added though is a white pencil for making my eyes look bigger and brighter.

But as I said, most days I don’t use make-up and focus on getting healthy skin instead. Still a long way to go, but the less I wear make-up the less often my skin breaks out.


What do you think?

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