We lived the dream. (I want to be a part of it.)

We lived the dream;
but the dream was short-lived.
They decided to tear down the walls
that had guarded our nights.

We lived the dream;
and we will fight to live it again.
A new place we will find
to feel alive when gathering at night.

There used to be four nights of capoeira each week, in four different places. I went on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Thursdays I went (and still go) to youth group instead. Now, the places for Monday and Wednesday classes are gone. Practising just once a week is too little for me, so I’ll have to figure out how to manage the conflicting schedules. Maybe I’ll try alternating – one week going to capoeira class, the next week to youth group.

My biggest fear right now (apart from being scared of failing my master’s thesis) is that the replacement class they (hopefully) will offer once a place is found might be on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays there is choir practise. I don’t know how I would deal with even more conflict between capoeira and church activities. Everything used to fit perfectly last year. Sure, I came home late at night five or six days a week, but I was happy.

I want to be part of both worlds. I don’t want to have to choose. To me it’s not just about faith vs. personal hobbies. It’s about friendship and belonging somewhere. Maybe I could go to a home group on Mondays instead of youth group – that particular home group is a sub-group of our youth group, so that might be an option. In the future I might join the capoeira association our instructor belongs to; right now I lack the money; and their schedule includes very late classes at the moment (I don’t want to be at home after 11pm on a weekday), which hopefully will change again. Sure, I could try to find a different group closer to my home, but I’d like to practise with my friends.

Part of it. I woke up with this song in my head today.


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