Favourite Friday: Body Hacks

How to swallow big pills more easily: Instead of tipping your head back (the most instinctive course of action for most of us) let it hang down after putting the pill in your mouth and taking a sip of water – the pill will sort of float on the water and find its way with less problems than usual. I had problems even with medium sized vitamin pills all of my life until I found this trick only recently! I haven’t tried it with the really big capsules yet, but I’m happy that I’m able to swallow some magnesium pills now!

Reduce motion sickness related symptoms like dizziness, breathlessness, and disorientation during plane take-offs and landings: Instead of looking straight ahead or out of the window, look up! Again a trick I found somewhere on the internet and tried it when travelling to Ireland; and it really helped. Not perfect, but much better than expected. If you want to look outside, do so only for short moments at a time. (Especially when we were inside or above the clouds already the perceived speed difference made me feel uncomfortable when looking out of the window for longer than a few seconds.)

… and there are many more body hacks on the internet; these two are just the ones that have helped me most with really annoying problems.


What do you think?

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