Three Paper Cranes for You. (Haiku)

Three white cranes for you
-spring blossom and winter snow
and a friend’s letter.
A few days ago I finally learnt to fold origami cranes! Somehow I like the idea of hiding secret messages inside by writing them on the inner side before folding the crane.

New Photos – Random Hipster Rainbow Experiments

I finally got around to take some new pictures –

Nothing special, just some very hipster-ish self-portraits and shots of our living room plants as reflections in a LaserDisc. Rainbows galore! *eagerly waiting for springtime*

I don’t need fancy instagram filters to get cool effects for my photos :)

Heather Dale tells the story behind “One of Us” – Girl Power and Swords ! :)

I love this song (especially the fast version) and I love the story behind it. I highly recommend you to listen to the whole explanation of the song she gives, the end is really cool and proves that there are some pretty role models out there for young girls. There is more to life than flowy dresses! And I love how she uses her recorder as a sword while singing :D

I remember doing mock sword fights with my siblings – we lived in an old town with historic buildings and a yearly medieval fair, so naturally we were well stocked with wooden short swords. Our mom got a little angry when we used the lids of big plastic bins (for storing all our legos) as shields. There even is a photograph of little me in a set of “armour” I had glued or stapled together made of white office paper and decorated with red lipstick of all things. I think this was before we had even moved to said town. So yes, stories of ladies wanting to have fun fighting are something that really resonates with me!

Sadly I’m grown up now and have no clue where my trusty old wooden sword is, but recently I saw a slightly bigger one in our Asian supermarket and was very tempted to buy it (after all I plan to do some fantasy themed photo shootings in the future!), but told myself this wasn’t a good idea, as I’m on a budget. A few days later the sword was gone and to this day I deeply regret not having bought it. Still hoping for a new one to appear in that shop …


Master’s Thesis Update

Three weeks to the deadline for my master’s thesis! I have to hand it in by 19th March, so I want to get the majority of the writing stuff done by the end of next week to give the proof readers enough time (and I’ll need time as well for the appendices, including two large chunks of translation work).

Now that I’ve started to focus more on really writing (and putting the examples and quotations in) the progress is much faster; obviously writing complicated sentences about weird stuff is what I do best. There are some statistics to be done, though, and I dread them!

Still a lot to do, but now I should go to bed, it’s nearly 5am over here …

Daisy Dreams (Haiku)

childhood daisy-dreams
swing suspended from a tree
time that never was


I have no clue what this is about or where it came from.

I just felt like the world was swaying because I’m so tired (wrote some pages for my thesis tonight) and somehow I got nostalgic. It took me a few moments to remember where I had played on a tree swing – in my grandparents’ garden, I had forgotten about this for many years. No idea why fatigue induced wobbliness triggered subconscious associations with this faded memory. Many of the memories of my childhood and especially school years are very vague or deeply buried, so sometimes it really feels like some segments of time went missing.