Stars and Ground

Eloquent hands, reaching for the stars
thoughts dancing to a tune only he can hear,
a rhythm out of time
(but all his movements are congruent in themselves, speaking articulately of his world)

Kind soul, keeping in touch with the ground
steady steps and gleeful jumps,
hand and feet grazing the solid floor
(but it’s only a short moment of reassuring contact before he flies again)

Cheerful smile, easy to like and trust,
air of playfulness and solid earnestness running together,
all covered by deliberateness, a layer of glassy water
(but then again, sometimes there are ripples on the smooth, calm surface)



Yes, you guessed right, it’s another poetry portrait. I wrote it a few weeks ago, but posted it only on DeviantArt because I wasn’t happy with it. A few days ago I got an idea for changing a few words, so here is the version I feel is okay to share.

It’s the second attempt to rework an older poetry portrait, to make it more like the other ones in this set. Shorter lines, simpler pictures. I’m still not content, because some images from the original are missing.



What do you think?

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