Kitchen Greenhouse Update: 418 – I’m a Teapot!


5:30 a.m. on a Saturday – creative break from writing my master’s thesis. I decided it was time for this old teapot to be turned into something beautiful. Hopefully I’ll find some lavender to plant it among the ivy.

Gallery of recent additions to my upcycling project – turning juice-to-go plastic cups into art. I like the combination of the clear cups and ivy growing upwards along the drinking straw.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Greenhouse Update: 418 – I’m a Teapot!

    • Make sure to take pictures :)
      There was a pot of ivy in our mudroom at home, so I’m used to having it around. My mother grew her own from snippets she got from random places. I decided to rely on this as well instead of buying expensive varieties in the flower shop. I got my snippets from an old cemetery where I collected at least five varieties!

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