wide awake

Wide awake behind closed eyelids, the passion of rapidly firing neurons, flashes of thunderstorm-like consciousness, falling backwards into habits of uneasy dreams at the cutting edge of spiralling hummingbird thoughts and cherry blossoms settling down like moths at sunrise, the sweltering heat of a body-warmed woolen cocoon less comforting than the cold morning air creeping between layers of blankets and skin tingling with electricity.

Sparks of knowledge singing along the wires of nerves and peeling tree bark away until the raw bone-marrow becomes one with sleepy feet retracing icy lines of fleeting sun light, wandering low over the mind’s horizon – stillness of birds on telegraph wires between rooftops, whirring blue sparks recreating whole galaxies at the speed of light multiplied by pi and unfolding into one dimension for every constant and factor ever thought of.

Point of origin, branching out in the shape of a platypus; bloom and sun and winter all at once curling up in twisted ropes of chimney smoke, sky-bound paper ships attracted by singularities, a tidal wave of black holes at the bottom of a mind’s deep ocean, sea-turtle green and lagoon blue, the colours of the spectrum defining speed and amplitude, longitude being as uncertain as flight patterns of mosquitos and latitude as fleeting as bookpages turned, absentmindedly over a long cold cup of coffee.


Onigiri for lunch and new chopsticks :)


After weeks of sugary food and lots of stress I felt like treating myself with a “real” lunch today – normally I dislike cooking something more complex than only rice or only veggies just for myself (and most of the time I just use comfort food – pizza or something from a can). But after buying some new chopsticks yesterday I decided to make delicious onigiri with a mix of vegetables and chicken. Finally my onigiri start to look like onigiri! Still working on the size though. Note: forming hot rice with bare hands is slightly masochistic. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: make onigiri (you can add nori/seaweed, but I prefer to omit that)


Step 2: fry vegetables and chicken (I used a box of frozen, chopped vegetables with seasoned butter as well as pre-fried stripes of chicken breast), take blurry picture …


Step 3: put everything in a bowl and add chopsticks.



Enjoy your lunch :)

familiarity and copper sun

Slipping into familiarity
like the copper evening sun
pouring out long forgotten warmth
into open hands, beneath cracked winter skin.

Relaxed stance, standing side by side to watch
we are not young anymore
attentive inside, silent counsel
we are alive between worlds.

Wordlessly, invisibly calling me over
because these are familiar grounds
tiny habits, a place carved into this world
finding comfort in knowing for once what to do.

Walking in the copper sun
that evening, a singularity of happiness
content with life and the present moment
feeling almost at home.

Two more nights to freedom …

Just two more nights until I’ll have to sit my oral exam – my final exam in the master’s programme!

I’ve been sick all week long last week, so I’m pretty much delayed concerning working my way through all the literature I’m supposed to know. The list I sent to my professor is rather short, but it can’t be helped now.

At least I found a pretty cool paper on metaphor use in Swahili I plan to use as a source for examples: www.lingref.com/cpp/acal/42/paper2776.pdf Some of them are quite funny and I read them to Darling just for shit and giggles.

So much to read! I’ll have to finish the relevant chapters of Lakoff’s “Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things” and Epstein’s “Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature”, not to mention three big chunks of gibberish on semantic networks (for which I needed two weeks when working through them for the first time a year ago). Tomorrow sounds like fun …

I’m looking forward to being free – the exam will be on Friday morning, after that there is a work meeting. Then: Capoeira and weekend!