Two more nights to freedom …

Just two more nights until I’ll have to sit my oral exam – my final exam in the master’s programme!

I’ve been sick all week long last week, so I’m pretty much delayed concerning working my way through all the literature I’m supposed to know. The list I sent to my professor is rather short, but it can’t be helped now.

At least I found a pretty cool paper on metaphor use in Swahili I plan to use as a source for examples: Some of them are quite funny and I read them to Darling just for shit and giggles.

So much to read! I’ll have to finish the relevant chapters of Lakoff’s “Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things” and Epstein’s “Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature”, not to mention three big chunks of gibberish on semantic networks (for which I needed two weeks when working through them for the first time a year ago). Tomorrow sounds like fun …

I’m looking forward to being free – the exam will be on Friday morning, after that there is a work meeting. Then: Capoeira and weekend!


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