New “project”: how often do I actually wear make-up?

As you might know already I don’t wear a lot of make-up. I own a few basic items, but to be honest I tend to loose track of how often I use these. I think on average I use some make-up stuff about once per month. Most days I just stick to oil and homemade lip-balm. Nothing better than sesame or coconut oil for skin and hair.

So by the end of each month I’ll try to list make-up use in terms of occasions and the products used.

I’ve already made it half-way through April without any decorative cosmetics in my face (doodling on my hand with eye-liner doesn’t count), and as there are no upcoming events for this month it might stay this way. May and June should be more interesting because of some weddings etc., though even for these I plan to go with even more minimal make-up this year because even toxin-free powder causes me to break out. I’d rather be a little shiny than having to deal with an itchy face during a celebration.

My goal is to use as little make-up as possible in the future – it’s not good for my skin, and I don’t like giving in to the pressure of society. When I want to wear some eyeshadow or lipstick for my own amusement, fine, but as soon as someone will comment on how I should wear MORE make-up I’ll wipe everything from my face and tell them to shut up.

It’s my choice

  • when and in what amount to wear make-up
  • how much and what to eat
  • when to wear dresses or other flowy stuff.

I decided to put being active and healthy first. And you know what? Even while I was writing my master’s thesis, stuffed my face with sweets, and didn’t exercise as often as the months before I didn’t gain weight or break out a lot. As long as I listen to my body I’m fine, obviously. When I feel good I sometimes feel like wearing my hair down or putting on a dress, but when I’m cranky this would just backfire. As would wearing itchy make-up on a moody day. Give me music, sun, and some chocolate cake, and you’ll see me wearing my prettiest, happiest bare face.



What do you think?

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