Men Deserve Access to Nonsexual Love

Very interesting point. I have a few buddies who seem to be somewhat comfortable with showing emotions (at least every now and then) and I like them a lot – and I love hanging out with them just talking heart to heart and playfully pushing each other or eating chocolate. I surely wouldn’t mind if more guys were comfortable with expressing their emotions and having meaningful nonsexual relationships, regardless of their sexual orientation. I don’t live in America, but still our culture is somewhat similar when it comes to what is expected from men.

The Thinking Aro

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Western Culture loves to sexualize positive male emotion. Male emotion is grossly oversimplified, at least in mainstream media depictions, although I have some personal experience informing me that in daily life, that oversimplification still applies. Males are generally allowed to express and feel negative emotion more than females, yet when it comes to positive emotion in a social context, males are disturbingly limited to channeling all that emotion into their sex lives.

Emotional restraint is a problematic feature of traditional masculinity that continues to affect males of all ages today, despite living in post-feminist society. Males are raised, from early childhood, to have specific emotional control. Certain emotions are acceptable and others are not. Acceptable emotions are only appropriate in certain contexts. Negotiating his public and socio-emotional experience and behavior heavily determines a male’s masculine image and his own self-image. Anger is the…

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