Monthly make-up use review: April

April is over, time for a review of my monthly make-up use (see this post for my new “project”).

Well, there isn’t really anything to report at all. No make-up used in April, that’s it. My skin looks terrible, though; I think the last few stressful months have taken their toll. I hope this will change soon. But if I had used make-up I would look even worse. Maybe I should go back to using coconut oil for my face, perhaps sesame oil is not good for my skin in the long run (or only in cold winter months?). Now that it’s getting warmer even my hair doesn’t like sesame oil that much anymore – it’s been quite tangly the last few weeks. I’ll try coconut oil for skin and hair for a few weeks and then proceed from there.

May will be a lot different, I believe – meeting new people, going to a wedding … and I’ll have to get pictures taken for job applications. I predict three to four days of wearing at least concealer and/or eyeshadow for a few hours.


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