Confused moments of the week

A few days ago the weather seemed to be fine and sunny. I started walking over to the mall a few streets away, when suddenly a rain drop fell on my forehead. I looked up – and just that moment a lightning bolt flashed right above me. It was a somewhat confusing experience. On I went shaking my head, when suddenly a heavy torrent of rain and moments later also hail came pouring down, accompanied by a rather stormy breeze. When I tried to hold the hood of my anorak (waterproof, luckily) in front of my face to protect my eyes from flying hailstones the cold rain poured into my sleeve. Wait, so the hail is blown in one direction and the rain in the other?

All the sudden changes in the weather tend to give me a headache. Today I decided to get a pain killer from the kitchen and ended up opening the fridge instead of the medicine cabinet.

Confused Starfish is being confused.


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