Capoeira Photographs

If you like capoeira (and I know at least some of my followers do!) you might want to take a look at my photo blog these days and check out my new capoeira portfolio section as well ;)

In other words, I spent half my weekend lying on my stomach in a gym hall (cue the awkward moments of Mestres almost tripping over me) and crouching between the legs of people standing in the roda to capture some cool workshop moments. Well, okay, sometimes I was standing on a bench as well.

I’m quite happy with the results. I had a lot of fun tinkering with the pictures and discovered how well capoeira and black-and-white photography go together.

A preview of what you’ll find on my photo blog these days. Please do not modify or re-upload on other pages and only share with proper credits (= link to my photo blog and adding a note like “by Starfishskies Photography”).

What do you think?

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