Lead me …

I still don’t have the results for my master’s thesis. I don’t even know whether I passed or not. Honestly, I don’t know if I even care anymore.

For the moment I’ll have to focus on my work (still have to work through a backlog of several hours) and then …

The last few years everything fell into place in some unexpected ways. Maybe it’s time I learn to trust again in being lead, in being guided to the next step. It’s just so frustrating to see others’ careers take of, people living their dreams, while to me it looks like I’ll never find a way to get paid for doing the things I really love. Sometimes I don’t even know what my dreams are. But photography is at least part of it. Writing my PhD about African languages/cultures would enable me to combine my love for research and photography. Cultural documentation in more than one way would be awesome. So would be science, art, and many other things. Capoeira, theology, growing vegetables.

I want to dream big again. I just don’t know where to start.


What do you think?

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