New Camera Stuff on the Way!

I ordered a new lens and some smaller items for my camera today! It will be my first lens specifically for the DSLR apart from the not so good kit lens that came with it. I also found an affordable adapter which hopefully will enable me to use my old telephoto lens (from completely analog times) on my modern digital camera. You can find more specific information on my hardware order and my current camera related wishlist on today’s post on my photo blog


2 thoughts on “New Camera Stuff on the Way!

  1. Hello! I’m new to WordPress and am currently on here for Photography. I’m not a professional photographer but am looking into different ways of getting my work out there. I thought this was a good start. I’ve never owned a camera before, I’ve always taken photos with my smartphones. I’ve currently got a iPhone. I would be very grateful for any tips on camera equipment you might have? Feel free to look at my photos I have posted so far. Not many as I’ve only just joined.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by :) I’m certainly no expert on photography equipment and there are a whole lot of opinions out there about the best brand and everything. I would recommend looking for someone (e.g. friend, family, co-worker) who owns a DSLR and might be willing to let you have a try at it and explain some basics! Using a big camera is much different from phone photography, so I wouldn’t recommend shelling out a lot of money for new equipment without trying first. Personally I like the amateur cameras by Canon as they have a very nicely structured menu and button layout. You can find affordable and pretty good models from a few years ago on the internet. I bought my camera from a friend for little money when she decided to upgrade her equipment, so this is an option as well. Don’t invest in fancy lenses (fish eye, telephoto lens with extreme zoom) too early – get started with a good basic set of camera body and a decent zoom lens with a small range to get a feeling for how things work. Watching Youtube videos explaining basic functions is immensely helpful as well. Good luck :)

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