Make-up use review: June

After two months of no make-up at all I have something to report, finally.

June 6th: Lipstick, the occasion was the wedding of our friends. I applied the lipstick before they picked me up for the photo shooting (I was the co-photographer), so there wasn’t a lot of it left when we arrived at church afterwards; I didn’t re-apply it for the evening either. No specific reason, I just felt like using it and then I thought it wouldn’t make a difference whether I re-applied it or not. Okay, I thought it would be stupid to re-apply it when there will be food shortly afterwards, and in the dim light no one would notice it anyway. I’m also glad I didn’t use any of the other make-up stuff, because once we started dancing it escalated quickly to the point where some of us were soaked in sweat.

June 25th: Concealer, for a job interview. I had planned to use a blend&cover stick I had purchased just for this occasion, but while it had looked okay on my skin in the shop it turned out to be way too dark for my skin tone when seen under natural light. So I had to use my default for covering red spots – a very, very light liquid concealer. I like the idea of having a solid concealer/cover stick to carry with me for important appointments, though, and might buy the lightest possible shade of said stick to replace the liquid concealer (which can be a little messy when applied in a hurry).

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