Shoe Saving

The weather here feels more like autumn than like the summer we are supposed to have right now, so today I decided to take some shoes to the cobbler in order to have them repaired for when autumn really comes. Luckily I know an old cobbler working in a traditional one-man repair shop. I brought him three pairs of shoes to ask whether he could fix them:

  • The Nerd’s autumn/winter shoes: sadly beyond saving. The parts had been stitched together and then tucked in and glued in place, so when the upper leather was torn from the sole it broke above the glued in stitches.
  • My leather ankle boots: these comfortable, two years old boots will get new heels, and one buckle has to be replaced. Not included in the services offered by this cobbler is mending the lining, so I’ll have to sew the lining back together myself.
  • My favourite blue leather sneakers: The inner side of the back is a complete mess (broken cardboard poking through shredded fabric) after nearly a year of regular wearing, therefore soft leather patches will be sewn or glued inside.

I had to pay about 30€ for both fixable pairs and they will be ready to be picked up by Thursday :) My two favourite pairs of shoes will be saved for less than the price of one good new pair, quite a nice deal in my opinion.

Maybe I’ll take my old leather sandals to the repair shop when picking up my shoes.


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