First time I played in a bateria!

Tonight in capoeira class we had a small roda. And for the first time I was a part of the bateria (the group of percussion instruments accompanying the game) for a moment. A friend of mine had been playing the agogô for a few songs, so when I was tired after my second game I decided to take his place in the bateria so he could play in the roda again. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped and missed a few beats here and there, but at least nobody stopped to correct me nor did anyone try to take the small instrument away from me (which happened the last time I was holding a pandeiro while a roda was being formed), therefore I guess it was okay for the start. So I played the agogô for the last few minutes of the roda. Dong-ding-dong, dong-ding-dong …

I’ll need to practise keeping time with my pandeiro so they’ll let me play that instrument as well.

2 thoughts on “First time I played in a bateria!

    • Thanks :) Yeah, it felt a little weird to be standing there and fumbling with the agogô, not being able to sing at the same time because I had to focus really hard (late in the evening and very tired ..), but it was fun nevertheless!

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