Back to the Ginga

After almost two weeks of absence because of a cold with a really sore throat I finally returned to capoeira class today. I didn’t feel very motivated to go beforehand, but I felt I had to go before completely falling back into my slacking lifestyle from before I started to actually enjoy exercising. Luckily today’s training session wasn’t too hard and as we were an odd number of students I could sit out one or two of the partnered exercises to keep my heartrate a little lower than usual so I wouldn’t overtax my still recovering body.
But it felt really good to be back to class, to the fun and music, back to the ginga.


Make-up use review: August

August 5th: Concealer, worn for job training.

I covered some red spots.


August 27th: Concealer, job interview.

Same as above.


In September I’ll start teaching language classes, so I think I’ll wear concealer more often in the future. I might add a dash of colour every now and then, but as I won’t always go home between work and capoeira class I don’t want too much stuff on my face that could end up on my white clothes later. And I plan to eat even less processed foods in the future, so my skin should look fine without powder and paint. For one week in August I ate sugary stuff and comfort food again, which totally showed on my face.


The “project”