Capoeira Progress: Pull-ups and Ponte Improvement

New cool stuff: I’m able to do either one decent pull-up (bar a little above my head height) without jumping up first, or three less than perfect consecutive pull-ups with a little jump at the start. Doesn’t sound like much, but for me it’s a huge improvement.

Yesterday in class we did some exercises with the ponte. One of these was doing a ponte with the head towards the wall and trying to bring the chest to the wall. I didn’t get that far, but I got close enough to touch the wall with my nose and later even with my chin. The next exercise was doing the ponte with both feet on a box and bringing the arms near to the box so the upper body was as vertical as possible. We were supposed to try the walkover from that position, but I didn’t feel safe enough yet (lack of strength and stability in my wrists and forearms, plus a little dizziness) and just stayed in that pose for a while to get used to this grade of chest stretching and getting a feeling for the needed balance. I’m quite happy about the progress I’ve made so far this year with my ponte – bending backwards into the ponte position, walking around, turning over into a queda de rins, and now gaining more flexibility in my upper body.

And I’m now able to touch my knees with my nose during leg stretches on the ground!



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