New Flexi Giveaway on Haselnussblond!

There’s a Flexi hair clip giveaway on the German blog “Haselnussblond” again, you might want to have a go at it :)

I’m not sure whether I like the Tawny design or not, but I’d be really happy about a “Spring is in the hair”!


The ritualistic adornment of habitats is approaching. Please panic and behave as if all shiny baubles will vanish from the surface of this planet if not bought by tonight, as they will do so unless they are pacified by the act of you buying that marvellous and perfect gift for your cousin’s teacher’s niece, which of cause you will never find. Perfect gifts to prevent bauble vanishing don’t exist, so please, panic. Panic now.

Decluttering in Progress: Study

Finally I’m getting somewhere with decluttering our study! A few days ago I cleaned up my messy art supply cupboard. In that process I filled a bag with big bottles of old,  coloured wall paint and some other art stuff; this bag will go to church tomorrow for Sunday school.
Some old pairs of jeans that didn’t fit into my fabric box went into another bag, which I filled with other ugly old clothes from the “get rid of this” box in our study today and took it to a fabric recycling container. As this container is grouped together with other recycling containers I decided to finally get rid of an old scanner and an equally old pair of small computer loudspeakers (container for small electronical devices), as well as two bags of clear glass trash from the kitchen I had to take there anyway. So I walked up that hill with a load of trash and came home feeling much lighter.
In addition I put a “free stuff” shoebox of smaller random items on the outside window sill as I sometimes do.
Finally tonight I found someone from church who will take the bag of better clothes to a donation point by car.
Still a lot to get rid of before my birthday party!

Hair Stuff Collection

Many months ago I posted something about using shortened chopsticks to hold up my hair. A lot has happened since then … especially concerning the stuff I use to put my hair into a bun now.

So today I want to show you my Flexi clips, hair sticks, and hair forks. Many of these items were bought secondhand and some are handmade. I sorted them by theme/colour scheme, just for fun.







Earthy+Natural/Autumn (featuring a random crown-topped pencil with the German title of A Song of Ice and Fire which my Darling Nerd gave to me)



I don’t wear all of them and some pieces only for special occasions, so I could let go of half of these if I wanted to.

My favourites are the Flexi clips in the Compass Rose design (left side of first picture), the origami crane stick (left side of second picture), the Earth and Sky dymondwood fork made by a lady from the city I live in (right side of third picture), and maybe also my newest item, the Mallorn leaf fork (right side of first picture).

Most often worn are the largest Compass Rose, the two simple acrylic sticks (waterproof and very robust), and my two favourite forks.

My season/colour type is somewhere between mostly Soft Summer and a little bit of Soft Autumn, so I like to wear a lot of greys, warm blues, and not too bright silver as well as some dark brown or muted red to orange tones, but green and gold is fine in moderate amounts in my hair.


I miss the life I could have had.

I miss the life I used to have, or at least the things and moments that could have become something beautiful. Forest walks, playing music by myself on the old wooden bench among soft green hills, brushing horses, and flying kites in the autumn sky when the fields were full of golden stubble. I miss sitting in a small, dim room with a friend singing Irish songs to the few chords I could play on my guitar. I miss how freely I could breathe in the moments I forgot the 95% crap my life was then. I miss girls’ nights spent writing insane stories, watching fantasy movies, making up names, and dreaming of space ships. Winter was full of backyard sled-hills made from buckets of snow, summer was stargazing, family singing in three or four languages at the same time by the fire, and listening to stories on cassette in the gloomy light of glow sticks. I miss wooden sword fights and walking around the garden while hooping. I miss the unspoken promises of adventure, of a life full of jugglers and stories and wandering bards, of science fiction and wonderful worlds, of walking the edge of nature and following stony creeks below thick overgrowth many times more. I can’t remember how to get to those places, I wouldn’t know how to find the ones who would have walked with me back then, how we would sink back into who we once were, who we could have been. I want to cry every time I see the hills, the autumn forests, the open space rolling in waves of green and gold and blue, unlike the flat open landscapes I can go to now. And still I know that what I miss is a fantasy. The songs have been sung, people moved on, the old market shrunk to a joke of itself, creeks have been lost and forgotten, and the horses I knew have grown too old to carry anyone. But we could have had something beautiful. I miss having someone who would reminiscence with me, to write and paint these unspoken dreams of where we were headed for a few short years.

Make-up use review: September/October

As predicted in August, I started to wear concealer a little more often – about one to two times per week on average. Otherwise I didn’t use any other make-up products, though I was close to putting on some red lipstick once just for fun.

My skin is not perfect a the moment; especially on my chin and along my hair line I tend to break out a little every now and then, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little scrub, creme, and wearing said concealer on days when red spots become to obvious.

All in all I think I could throw out everything except for my liquid concealer and my two blend&cover sticks. These three products provide me with three very light shades I can choose from depending on the part of my face and the time of the year. The darker stick is useful only for a few weeks when I’m a little tanned, so this one is on hold until next summer now that autumn has come. The lighter stick is good for quick fixes when I don’t want to risk any mess on my fingers and clothes, but it is too dark to use it around the eyes. The liquid concealer is the lightest covering product I own (only the powder is even lighter, but it doesn’t cover very well) and the second lightest shade of concealer I’ve come across so far among the natural cosmetics brands I use. The liquid stuff doesn’t cover spots as well as the sticks, but I can use it under my eyes most of the year (not when I’m at my palest in winter) – which I rarely do because it looks really weird on me. I mostly like the liquid concealer because it is easier to blend in with the rest of my skin than the denser texture of the sticks.

There probably won’t be an update on this topic for a while, unless drastic changes arise. Maybe I’ll report back some time after the holidays to see whether I added something to my minimalistic routine on my birthday, Christmas, and new year’s eve. I don’t do Halloween, so no report on crazy facial paint. When you read this post I’ll have spent the last day of October sweating at a capoeira workshop with a mestre from France.

The “project”