Make-up use review: September/October

As predicted in August, I started to wear concealer a little more often – about one to two times per week on average. Otherwise I didn’t use any other make-up products, though I was close to putting on some red lipstick once just for fun.

My skin is not perfect a the moment; especially on my chin and along my hair line I tend to break out a little every now and then, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little scrub, creme, and wearing said concealer on days when red spots become to obvious.

All in all I think I could throw out everything except for my liquid concealer and my two blend&cover sticks. These three products provide me with three very light shades I can choose from depending on the part of my face and the time of the year. The darker stick is useful only for a few weeks when I’m a little tanned, so this one is on hold until next summer now that autumn has come. The lighter stick is good for quick fixes when I don’t want to risk any mess on my fingers and clothes, but it is too dark to use it around the eyes. The liquid concealer is the lightest covering product I own (only the powder is even lighter, but it doesn’t cover very well) and the second lightest shade of concealer I’ve come across so far among the natural cosmetics brands I use. The liquid stuff doesn’t cover spots as well as the sticks, but I can use it under my eyes most of the year (not when I’m at my palest in winter) – which I rarely do because it looks really weird on me. I mostly like the liquid concealer because it is easier to blend in with the rest of my skin than the denser texture of the sticks.

There probably won’t be an update on this topic for a while, unless drastic changes arise. Maybe I’ll report back some time after the holidays to see whether I added something to my minimalistic routine on my birthday, Christmas, and new year’s eve. I don’t do Halloween, so no report on crazy facial paint. When you read this post I’ll have spent the last day of October sweating at a capoeira workshop with a mestre from France.

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