Hair Stuff Collection

Many months ago I posted something about using shortened chopsticks to hold up my hair. A lot has happened since then … especially concerning the stuff I use to put my hair into a bun now.

So today I want to show you my Flexi clips, hair sticks, and hair forks. Many of these items were bought secondhand and some are handmade. I sorted them by theme/colour scheme, just for fun.







Earthy+Natural/Autumn (featuring a random crown-topped pencil with the German title of A Song of Ice and Fire which my Darling Nerd gave to me)



I don’t wear all of them and some pieces only for special occasions, so I could let go of half of these if I wanted to.

My favourites are the Flexi clips in the Compass Rose design (left side of first picture), the origami crane stick (left side of second picture), the Earth and Sky dymondwood fork made by a lady from the city I live in (right side of third picture), and maybe also my newest item, the Mallorn leaf fork (right side of first picture).

Most often worn are the largest Compass Rose, the two simple acrylic sticks (waterproof and very robust), and my two favourite forks.

My season/colour type is somewhere between mostly Soft Summer and a little bit of Soft Autumn, so I like to wear a lot of greys, warm blues, and not too bright silver as well as some dark brown or muted red to orange tones, but green and gold is fine in moderate amounts in my hair.


What do you think?

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