My Top 3 WTF Moments

I had planned to write this for quite a while now, but I never actually got around to it until tonight. So here’s a slice of the random and weird side of my life.

  1. About six years ago when I was looking for a place to live I encountered an old Chinese dude who – after we were done talking about the room and conditions –  stared at my face and suddenly out of the blue asked me if I had some Asian ancestry, because he thought I looked like I did. WTF? (For full disclosure, I’m a pretty random European blend – as far as I know Slavic, Germanic, Romanic, and most likely also Celtic – and normally other people tend to put me into the “Irish” category. My dad looks a little Persian or something, and some of our ancestors had lived in Bessarabia a few generations back, but of ancestry from farther to the East we don’t know.)
  2. Once an American photographer (whose profile seemed legit) contacted me via DeviantArt and asked whether I’d like to nude model for him, because he liked my self portraits or whatever. What? Good thing I live on the other side of the ocean, because I still can’t decide whether I feel more flattered or more creeped out. Thanks, but no thanks.
  3. When I was a child or in my early teenage years (I can’t remember), a part of the ceiling in the storage room next to my room came down in the middle of the night; some chunks of plaster falling down for unknown reason. I slept through the noise (or at least fell asleep again right afterwards) and was woken by my panicked father coming into my room, frantically asking me whether the big bookcase had fallen on top of me and my bed. Huh?



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