What will remain

What will remain
When things fall apart
When I’m treading water in the void?
Who will stay
Who will pray
When we are drifting through the dark?
I remember stories I wrote in the past
I faintly remember having a plan
But right now I can’t see the way.
So much change.
So much is fading right now.
Stay. Stand by me.

Too much going on right now. People leaving. Changing friendships, a group falling apart. A new friend, met in an unlikely place. Anxiety about the future. Looking for a better job. Having to rely on my husband financially a lot. Feeling bad. Wanting to train hard but the body doesn’t comply. So much chaos in my mind. So much to learn.

Make the stars spin.

Make the stars spin,
make them dance for me,
make the stars spin,
crashing burning shadows in the sea –
Make the stars spin,
follow blazing trails in wakening dreams,
make the stars spin,
colours running together at our minds’ seams –
Make the stars spin,
follow me, let’s ride on comet tails,
make the stars spin,
ride with me when language fails.