Alchemist and Alien (Twitter Microfiction)

I just started a small series of story snippets on twitter. Just look for #AlchemistAndAlien if you’re interested to hear about a random encounter between … well, an alchemist and an alien, obviously.

When I started reading chapter 4 (“Aliens”) of “The Demon-Haunted World” by Carl Sagan today, my head decided on randomly combining it with some other project ideas and I thought it might be fun to explore this concept a bit.

It might not be microfiction in the truest sense as I don’t know how long the story will be, but I’ll try to make most snippets work as stand-alones.




Interstellar Butterflies

Surrender to the universe, Earth is just the start

Fall into the directionless, Earth is just one of many worlds

Touch the veil of tomorrow, Earth is just one dot of the line

Ride on the back of meteors, Earth is just as small as you now feel

Butterfly wings of nebula to straddle void and vertigo, Earth is just your home.


(Trying to continue reading “Earth in Human Hands” while listening to Hans Zimmer soundtracks and failing because my brain got distracted by pretty associations.)