Haywire Ideas

And the storm is dying down
but the world is winding up
a whirlwind of sheets
billowing sails of data
seas of knowledge, depths of libraries
minds drowning in constant hum
dry laughter in rainy streets
ideas criss-crossing like fishing lines;
And the storm is building up
like walls of rotten book jackets
and the world comes crashing down in waves
of broken connections from quivering shelves.

Between Pages

Put your fingers between pages
touch the letters, taste the rhymes
Taste the words of stars and rumbling
thunder rolling through the skies
Deep beneath the waves of oceans
swarms of stories passing by
And the clouds are full of wonders
winter days of storms in books.

Favourite Friday: S. J. Tucker Songs

I’ts been a long time since I last did a favourite Friday post, but I decided to put together a list of my favourite songs by S. J. Tucker for you to enjoy.

As Me Anything

Cheshire Kitten (We’re All Mad Here)

Ravens in the Library


April Fool’s Day

Glashtyn Shanty


Sorrow’s Song (Child of Dying Stars)

Manticore’s Lullabye

Kashkash, a nursery rhyme

Dream of Mississippi

Do you want me do to more favourite Fridays again? I have a few more musicians to make playlists like this one, and I could also tell you more about art, crafts, and books.

Song in the Fog

There’s a song in the fog
of seagulls shrieking and the robin falling silent
a rustle in the reeds
a stone beneath the water, murmuring
of clear frost, coming tomorrow
freezing away the mist
the song an eulogy
by foggy days
for fog to turn into clarity

Tell the Stars

Tell the stars to wait for me
For a night of clear skies
For a day of steel and glass

Tell the stars to keep dancing
Until we will get there
Until the fire burns hot enough

Tell the stars to stay mysterious
So we will keep searching
So we will stay the asking

(This post has been brought to you by: Starfish watching “Jupiter Ascending” for the first time.)


Returning to old songs and bands
Picking up stray pieces of paper
Notes I left hidden
A universe of inner magic
Buried deep in future
Piecing back together
Parts of my old mind
A decade of living
In strange worlds
To learn navigating
Within and without
Treading common ground water
Now returning
Forsaken loves and neural paths
The craft of trading in puzzles

And one day I’ll take you into the forest, we’ll lay out tiny circles of stones, making hidden art and taking bets on who will find it. We’ll make arrows on the paths from branches and pine cones, laying out a circle maze to confound the curious. We’ll hide walnuts for the squirrels and listen to the robin. I really wish I’ll be able to show you, so someone will understand the place I know.