Spocktopus Salute

Oh, ye cosmic octopus,
jumped on a space-bus,
soon left the dock,
next day met Mr. Spock;

As he saluted
to you it was attributed,
but lacking hands
you gave but a sad glance.

(2019-06-05, a silly poem I wrote on twitter)

They Won’t

You know,
When you don’t know the words,
When you can’t find the song
To tell the story of your restless thoughts
The story they won’t know,
The words they won’t hear,
Won’t understand,
You know what they don’t,
What they won’t;
And it breaks you,
And you know,
And they don’t know,
They can’t,
They won’t,
They shouldn’t.

Embossing Words

When I’m writing to you,
fingers flying over keys,
I feel like I’m typing the words unto your body,
embossing them into your soul
with typewriter strokes

hammering down the messages
with benevolent force;

spelling out spells
balanced through wirework,
fleeting yet captured,
stored on digital skin,
bound in virtual parchment;
data, engraved in neurons

All the Right in the World

You ARE magic, dear,
You don’t need the smoke and glitter
When there’s fire and darkness in your veins,
The ocean in your hands and starlight in your heart,
When you can set flames to dust
And awaken stones to song and tale;
Chasing ghosts like clouds,
Laughing at the trail of light you leave,
Shaping a world in your mind
And setting it in motion with your steps;
You’re all but powerless
And have all the right in the world
To all the glitter, colours, stories, dance, and song.

Uneasy Dreams

Uneasy dreams
slipping through my hands
and cracks between the floorboards,
sinking back down into the ground,
to be walked on,
to teem and beckon,
under their breath
and beneath the words;
lost into morning,
stuck in the folds of thoughts,
clinging to my day
as the petrichor to hot roofs.

Lucid Destruction

The seashell tower spired up, up,
spiralling and now backwards crumbling,
down, down,
the endless spiral staircase collapsing
into itself,
folding into window sills and seats
inhabited by Fibonacci dreamers,
those nautilus souls long uncovered
from age-old silt and rocking waves,
long ago, longing now
for destruction in lucid wakes
old, but unearthly new in rebuilding
a world of spirals, up and down,
folding, unfolding
chalky wings unquivering,
steadfast progress, digressing,
trespassing into dreamers’ territory,
long after the stairs fell upwards.