Light in Winter Seas

In the deep dark sea
of your soul, of your mind
candles burn
in the night of winter,
frost flakes distracting
angler-fish nightmares
from the foul light of decay;
with a deep breath
you grow gills from ruins
and there’s light
in the windows of sunken realms.

Wild Hunt of the Sea

Could we just fly, just once,
into midnight blues
and sunrise greys,
afar from old sails,
those torn and tattered pages
of years gone by
and shattered in salt;

could we just rise, just today,
up from broken crystals
and volume birds,
through holes in the rigging,
burnt away by sea glass
in sunset fires
and bridges long scorched

Light in Space

In the deep, dark skies
of oceans of space
schools of comet whales
pass by your thoughts

like twinkling lights,
so far away
so wide awake
behind your clouded eyes

in winter nights
in winter dreams

as the seasons, as the light

Weightless Gravity

Everyday, in free-fall,
you fight black holes
and the stickiness of dark matter,
the gravity that clings to you
like tendrils of sea weed,
fishing for your sanity in the depth,
in the ocean of the starless void
where thickest nothingness ensnares your limbs,
until directionlessly it pulls you apart
until at the end of the universe
you rebound into singularity