Ghost Station

We entered the abandoned space station. The second door of the lock slid open just before we reached it, then light flickered on.
It was a feeling of welcome and comfort, for a moment.
Then, the mission leader grabbed a handhold to stop his momentum and turned his head back us, slightly shaking: “I don’t remember them ever mentioning installing automated systems for that. You?”
Shit. He was right.
We were still trying to think of the best course of action when we heard a thin but steady voice.
“I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just been such a long time.”
A milky shadow moved into sight, translucent. The scheme of a middle-aged man.
“Welcome to my humble home, comrades. I started the heater, should be getting warm in a moment.” He gave us a ghostly grin, lopsided.
Finally, it dawned unto us, the grin familiar from photographs. The one cosmonaut who didn’t make it last time, fallen victim to a faulty EVA suit.
Well, we had seen weirder things on our missions. And a ghost in the space station sure seemed handy.