Fragments of Faerie

Part of me lives in fragments
of faerie and every wild thing
field of vision half covered
by climbing vines
not sure where sun turns to mist
no creature, only sound
found in between
found in the cracks of backyards
and lost between two blinks
images shifting
rarely coming at will
but late summer always arrives
when least expected
and thins the veil
between sleep and book pages.


I have unfinished business
with the mountains
And the story was not yet over
the twinkling lights in the tree told;

And the day was not yet over
when I last lost my way
in the maze of ancient walls
and orange summer shadows
of purple twilight dusk
and ruins full of stars and grass
and glamour covering
an evening long gone.

But I still taste it
and I need to find the missing end.


Thunder between the skies
as stars turn into bread
and you eat from the wonders
until your toes fade into mist

and you tread on nebula steps
joining in the stellar journey
circling constant explosions
as a billion suns sing in your ears.