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“Why is this blog called ‘starfishskies’?” –  One of my ideas for stories/novels includes the concept of halfminds, people who are somewhere in the middle between rational scientists (‘minds’) and artists/dreamers (‘arts‘). They are the ones considered dangerous because of their creative intelligence and the resulting tendency to ask uncomfortable questions about next to everything, be it politics, economics, science,  religion, or random everyday stuff. Their symbol is the starfish, because in its shape it connects ocean and sky, while the ocean itself again is a mirror for the sky. So it’s about straddling opposites and creating beauty from the impossible. I’m a halfmind.

I’m creative, but no professional, neither in writing nor in photography or singing, acting or whatever; I just enjoy trying many things. If you want to see some of my stuff, click the links further down at the bottom.

Like most people I like beautiful things, but I’m still trying to figure out what this quality called “beautiful” is to me. It can be found in science for example, I think. Maybe I’m not that brilliant when it comes to science, but I’ve always been a curious person and liked biology and physics in school. I’m curious as in “How does this work? What will happen when I do this to that thing? Why is fact X like that?”, and I love learning in a playful manner.

In rural Africa I learned to love simplicity of life. The serenity of sitting on the front porch with a mug of hot cocoa while watching the sun rise over a misty rain-forest. The evenings without electricity and writing by the light of a kerosene lantern. Such a contrast to the cluttered life and the daily hassles back home. It feels so natural to wash your jeans by hand and let them dry out in the sun, and running home from the office to get them inside before the rain comes. All these little things. My aim is to get back to this kind of living, no matter where I am. I want to feel good, I don’t want to need all that fancy stuff from the advertisements for that. Learning to embrace life and friendships.

I live in an apartment with Darling (“the Nerd”), my geeky partner in linguistic and technical discussions.

Location: somewhere in Europe, a bit more to the north than to the south

Degree: I graduated as a bachelor of arts in African languages, hold a master’s degree in general linguistics, and hope to either move further on in an academic career with some exciting research along the way or find a job that satisfies my love of creative thinking and learning many different new things.

Job: Currently working in an entry-level job related to the field of machine learning. Used to work as a student assistent at university and for a few months taught language classes.

OS of choice: Ubuntu Mate (yes, linux household)

Writes ugly python scripts, propagates succulents, and talks about weird science fiction.


My other stuff on the internet:


www.kayanya.deviantart.com (Not updated in a long time, mostly a documentation in art and writing of my first years after leaving home.)

Instagram: @starfishskies (Same handle on Twitter if you want to talk to me, though my tweets are a mixed bag of languages because I mostly use Twitter to keep in touch with a different set of people than here.)

You can also look at what inspires me on Pinterest (not updated a lot): https://www.pinterest.com/starfishsky



  • All photos except for the header image (which is from http://all-free-download.com) and unless otherwise indicated (by referring link and/or name of artist) are my property. If you want to use one of them as a wallpaper on your private computer, go ahead (but I’d still be happy about a comment so I know you like and use it). Otherwise: reblog/link (from photo blog: repost whole posts/portfolio pages only, never single pictures), don’t ever re-upload anything without my permission. Always give proper credits and provide a visible link. Don’t directly repost any pictures containing a person’s face; reblog/link to the whole post instead. If you would like to use one of my photos as a story illustration or as header or background for any kind of blog or homepage, please ask before you do so! I’m open for collaborations :) If you don’t ask me beforehand and tell me later I will most likely ask you to take it down, depending on my mood, so please, ask. Normally I don’t bite strangers, okay? But if you don’t put credits underneath a picture I might. Don’t ever upload my photos on facebook, tumblr, and the likes without permission. You can link to the posts instead.
  • Please be aware that I’m not a native speaker of English (though trying to reach this level of proficiency). If you catch me using really weird sentences and wrong words, feel free to tell me so in a friendly way, I promise I won’t bite but be grateful! You can use my blog to learn fancy new words (I learned a lot by reading other blogs), but don’t sue me if you copy my sentence structure and get a bad grade at school. I try to stick to British spelling, but again, I won’t promise anything.
  • If you comment, be nice to other persons. Make art, not war.
  • This blog is considered safe for work (no nudity and other graphic content), but I can’t guarantee it to be child friendly all the time. Trigger warnings will be included only if and when I think they are necessary. I don’t buy into the whole complete mind coddling thing, but I know enough about PTSD and other troublesome things to give you a fair warning should I ever post traumatic reports. The truth is out there, whatever you perceive it to be, accept it, change the world, or close your eyes and walk away. (Note to self: mixing The X-Files with Desiderata might lead to interesting results.)



11 thoughts on “About me / blog policy

  1. So, upon trying to see where in the rainy world you hail from (re rusty bike), I found this blog… African languages! Gee you must be a language genius! Which did you learn if I may ask? I have attempted to learn isiXhosa and isiZulu down here in South Africa where I was born and bred and living happily ever after… but EISH, it’s too difficult for me :)

    • Haha no I’m no language genius, and I only speak Swahili (not even fluently) in addition the three European languages I know to varying degrees. I studied some other languages (Amaric, Finnish, Yiddish, Old Hebrew) for a short while each, but I can’t really say much more than the equivalents of “hello”. I can read a little bit in Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Portuguese (mainly because many words are similar to loanwords in the languages I speak, and my siblings had Latin and Spanish in school), and I know some random Japanese words. At university I mostly deal with more abstract phenomena, or with languages I don’t have to know, just work with the data or existing books.
      I’ve never been to South Africa, but a few friends of mine have, and they told be it’s beautiful :)

        • We are supposed to be learning Portuguese (we were gifted the tapes and all)… My husband is German (I haven’t managed that either YET) but he has family in Brazil (same surname) that speak Portuguese, no German or English; Google Translate can really come up with some hilarious non-sensical translations!

      • What? No French? Just kidding :) Swahili alone is a rare accomplishment, nevermind all the others! I studied Linguistics at university too, but the 3rd year was too complicated for me, sadly – fascinating topic!

        • Sorry for the late reply ^^’ I studied French at school for five years and I’m still able to improvise some basic conversation and read simple phrases, but I’m hardly able to write correct sentences anymore – and I never know where to put an accent (not to mention which one).

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