Some useful resources for linguists – and of course for everybody else interested in languagesǃ

Ever wondered what the weird symbols in your dictionary (or in my blog) mean? [tɹaɪ θɪs]: International Phonetic Alphabet

For typing IPA-symbols or any other writing system without installing special software, you can use: Typeit

Searching for a specific language? Where is it spoken, by how many people? Ethnologue: Languages of the World

Which sounds are used in a certain language, which writing system is used? Omniglot – the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

And what are the features of this or that language? Or: Where on the world do which languages exhibit a certain feature? What’s the definition for this and that feature? The World Atlas of Language Structures

Trouble with title capitalisation? is a helpful online-tool (Just don’t trust it blindly all the time and in case of doubt check the automatic output against the rules stated beneath, occasionally the output doesn’t adhere to the rules.)

What do you think?

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