Rey’s Hairstyle … sort of


Because a friend of mine had been nagging me about recreating Rey’s hairstyle after watching the new Star Wars movie together last week, I decided to give it a try. I followed this video tutorial, more or less:

I didn’t include the small elastic above the top loop and instead of several bobby pins I used one u-shaped hair pin per loop to secure the hair wrapped around the elastic. My hair is more shaggy than curly today and just wouldn’t cooperate in forming nice, smooth loops, so I’ll try this again on another day.

Closet Cosplay: Arya Stark (Game of Thrones, Season 1)

I wanted to try the hairstyle Arya Stark wears in the beginning of the first season of Game of Thrones and found this tutorial, though I cheated a little and crossed the braids first at the bottom, then at the top, instead of the other way round.

A moment later I decided to go the whole way – I found a wooden sword (well, two of them) in our living room and picked a creme white blouse and a blue dress from my wardrobe (reference picture links: here, here, and here), then set up the camera.

IMG_7128_03.resizedStick ’em with the pointy end.

IMG_7119_01.resized IMG_7124_02.resized

Bonus picture from before I remembered Arya is lefthanded:


Time needed for hairstyle: <10 minutes

Materials used for hairstyle: 1 medium sized brown hair tie (elastic with fabric, no metal), 2 small transparent silicone hair ties, 4 black metal hair pins

Kitchen Greenhouse Update: 418 – I’m a Teapot!


5:30 a.m. on a Saturday – creative break from writing my master’s thesis. I decided it was time for this old teapot to be turned into something beautiful. Hopefully I’ll find some lavender to plant it among the ivy.

Gallery of recent additions to my upcycling project – turning juice-to-go plastic cups into art. I like the combination of the clear cups and ivy growing upwards along the drinking straw.

my first flexi-8 hair clip :) (“compass rose”)


My first flexi-8 hair clip arrived today! So I guess I’m officially a hair geek now (this kind of hair clip is mostly worn in the long hair community where people try to grow long, healthy hair by using sensible care and styling products instead of nasty chemicals, curling irons, and hair elastics/barrettes with sharp-edged metal caps).

It’s a second-hand flexi I found online, it’s the “Compass Rose” model in size M. Darling bought it for me as an early graduation gift (just one more week to get all this writing done *faint*).

I like this one, it looks a little more elegant than what I usually use to hold back my hair (mostly black elastics, a piece of blue ribbon, and a uni-colour hair stick) while not being too flashy or girly. The design reminds me of Finnish symphonic metal, arctic cold, Polaris, a sub-plot in my unfinished novel, and the song “Light of the North” by Heather Dale. It’s one of the few flexi designs I’d classify as more or less gender neutral (okay, the rhinestone in the middle is still up for debate). Neutral stuff makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.

And I’m glad I finally own something that works like a hair stick in a bun, while it doesn’t pose a constant threat to the eyes of people who hug me (the two hair sticks I own are quite long and pointy).

I don’t plan to collect a lot of flexi hair clips, though I’ve been ogling the “Tidepool Treasures” design for a while – it has a blue starfish on it! If I get used to wearing my hair down again I might buy this in one of the smaller sizes in summer to keep my front hair out of my face in a half-up.

And I can proudly report that the first strands of hair have reached my waist, I hope the rest will follow soon :)

Heather Dale tells the story behind “One of Us” – Girl Power and Swords ! :)

I love this song (especially the fast version) and I love the story behind it. I highly recommend you to listen to the whole explanation of the song she gives, the end is really cool and proves that there are some pretty role models out there for young girls. There is more to life than flowy dresses! And I love how she uses her recorder as a sword while singing :D

I remember doing mock sword fights with my siblings – we lived in an old town with historic buildings and a yearly medieval fair, so naturally we were well stocked with wooden short swords. Our mom got a little angry when we used the lids of big plastic bins (for storing all our legos) as shields. There even is a photograph of little me in a set of “armour” I had glued or stapled together made of white office paper and decorated with red lipstick of all things. I think this was before we had even moved to said town. So yes, stories of ladies wanting to have fun fighting are something that really resonates with me!

Sadly I’m grown up now and have no clue where my trusty old wooden sword is, but recently I saw a slightly bigger one in our Asian supermarket and was very tempted to buy it (after all I plan to do some fantasy themed photo shootings in the future!), but told myself this wasn’t a good idea, as I’m on a budget. A few days later the sword was gone and to this day I deeply regret not having bought it. Still hoping for a new one to appear in that shop …