Bird Pictures

Wohoo, I finally had the chance to test my new camera lens!

I went out on this sunny sunday and took some pictures of birds. I don’t feel like editing them at the moment, but here is a list of links to the out-of-camera photos (I’ll add the links of following posts when I find time to post the other birds).


I’m on Instagram as starfishskies now!

If you are interested in random impressions and snapshots of my life (taken with a not very good phone camera) you can find some pictures over there in the future. For more professional photos I’ll keep using my photo blog though for various reasons.

See you around :)

Updated Photography Portfolio

I took an hour tonight and brushed up my photography portfolio. Mostly I added a few pictures, adjusted the size to make everything look nice and even, and I also added some general location information for the categories “City” and “Landscape & Waterside”. Check it out :)

(I haven’t resized the photos in the “Sky” section yet – what do you think? Keep the bigger format or adjust to the smaller size I used in the other categories?)

Summertime Handstand!


Because it’s finally warm enough to wear tank tops and no socks again. And because my handstand against the wall is getting better. Normally I don’t wear my hair open when doing acrobatics of any sort (except for normal cartwheels sometimes), but I was curious what me doing a handstand would look like with my hair hanging down :D

I’m not making a lot of progress in capoeira itself right now, but my overall strength and flexibility are increasing. In addition to exercising a little more* I’ve upped my salt intake to see whether it will help with the dizziness (it’s gotten worse again, maybe due to the crazy weather changes all the time) and I’m working on eating cleaner in general.

*I’m by no means one of those people who do a full workout every day. What I do is going to capoeira class two to three times each week if possible, while at home I try to work at least every second day for a few minutes on my handstand, push-ups, pull-ups (well, at least I try …), sit-ups, ponte/bridge variations, queda de rins, stretching or whatever I feel like, and sometimes I do a little bit of hula-hooping while using filled water bottles as light dumbbells to do some exercises for my arms and shoulders. I’m just one of those people who every now and then feel a sudden urge to move, to just kick against something, to touch the ground, or hang from the bed headfirst.

Closet Cosplay: Arya Stark (Game of Thrones, Season 1)

I wanted to try the hairstyle Arya Stark wears in the beginning of the first season of Game of Thrones and found this tutorial, though I cheated a little and crossed the braids first at the bottom, then at the top, instead of the other way round.

A moment later I decided to go the whole way – I found a wooden sword (well, two of them) in our living room and picked a creme white blouse and a blue dress from my wardrobe (reference picture links: here, here, and here), then set up the camera.

IMG_7128_03.resizedStick ’em with the pointy end.

IMG_7119_01.resized IMG_7124_02.resized

Bonus picture from before I remembered Arya is lefthanded:


Time needed for hairstyle: <10 minutes

Materials used for hairstyle: 1 medium sized brown hair tie (elastic with fabric, no metal), 2 small transparent silicone hair ties, 4 black metal hair pins

New Camera Stuff on the Way!

I ordered a new lens and some smaller items for my camera today! It will be my first lens specifically for the DSLR apart from the not so good kit lens that came with it. I also found an affordable adapter which hopefully will enable me to use my old telephoto lens (from completely analog times) on my modern digital camera. You can find more specific information on my hardware order and my current camera related wishlist on today’s post on my photo blog


Capoeira Photographs

If you like capoeira (and I know at least some of my followers do!) you might want to take a look at my photo blog these days and check out my new capoeira portfolio section as well ;)

In other words, I spent half my weekend lying on my stomach in a gym hall (cue the awkward moments of Mestres almost tripping over me) and crouching between the legs of people standing in the roda to capture some cool workshop moments. Well, okay, sometimes I was standing on a bench as well.

I’m quite happy with the results. I had a lot of fun tinkering with the pictures and discovered how well capoeira and black-and-white photography go together.

A preview of what you’ll find on my photo blog these days. Please do not modify or re-upload on other pages and only share with proper credits (= link to my photo blog and adding a note like “by Starfishskies Photography”).

New Photos – Random Hipster Rainbow Experiments

I finally got around to take some new pictures –

Nothing special, just some very hipster-ish self-portraits and shots of our living room plants as reflections in a LaserDisc. Rainbows galore! *eagerly waiting for springtime*

I don’t need fancy instagram filters to get cool effects for my photos :)

university graffiti: “me no study, me no care”


That’s why I keep a small camera in my backpack! Somehow the focus of our bathroom stall conversation (which hat started before I first came to our university) switched from conspiracy theories and politics to life advise (both serious and not so serious) and other randomness … the last two lines once read “me no cry / me go marry another guy” before someone removed the piece of tape the first words had been written on. I like trains, too.