Heart of Night

The beating, pulsating heart of night
tempered in coldest fire
icy red quenched in blue, fading to black
and dusted in crystal-cut frost:
stars referring to themselves
by unanswered names
in a dance in solitudes, across the void
the pull of gravity, rippling waves
in the bejewelled darkness
moving, heaving with the beating heart
stretched taut in the window frame
between evening star and morning steel


In the deep, dark hours
in the forgotten folds of time
at the bottom of trenches
in the deep, dark sea of space
lie thoughts ungathered
unpolished light of pearls
beams spinning rings
around rogue planet wanderers
pulling the threads out of books
undoing the bindings
of ordinary matter

Cosmic Cats

Cats licking the stardust off their paws
after dipping them into the Milky Way,
fishing for comet tails,
those beautiful fins of cosmic shoals:
Thoughts of rainbow scales, iridescent
remains of supernovae, nebulous
the steps of cats, prowling
in the shadow of eclipsed stars, caressing
balls of planets, unravelling,
dreaming of glittering strings


It’s too deep and too much
and the mountains too high and
too far away
to lick the salt off their cheeks
and contain it all between teeth and tongue
and in trying so there is no room left for words under the roof of your mouth
the rocks and fern sticking to the arching palate aching with the burden of summer and rain and all the movements of tall grass in the breeze and
the trails of stars escaping from your lips, your eyes, streaking forgotten glamour across cheeks fallen silent in the attempt to say it all and swallow the day
and the orbits of planets are fairy rings dancing in widened eyes, on the planes of retinas crowded with a million afterimages of exposure to a world so full every mind holds but a fragment
but you want to put together all the shards and drink the Milky Way from this ancient vessel of beauty


Sing to me in the voice of the stars,
in the language of all that ends
far in the distant pool where
all runs together
at the end of all songs
and the end of all words
where meaning dissolves
as lips touch eternity.

Last Known Star

Stars blossom between your teeth as you leave the last known place, entering the infinite amount of possible spaces to explore, chewing the last rations of sanity and security, floating as you swallow the last barrier of nervousness keeping you from cutting the tether

anchoring you to the last known star: one more burst from your pack and you will be

where no human has been, lived, breathed
as far as you know, at least,

and you stumble over the crumbs of your last meal of planet-bound lights, full yet hungry after feasting on familiar motions, round and round, the clockwork of a solar system gnawing on the bones of months and years, and then you spit out the rocks in your mouth to leave behind your mark in meteor streaks

as you go out into the dark
to nourish your curious soul.

Nicking Nebulae

Weigh the anchor and raise the surge
riding the backs of whales
command the ghosts of sharks to carry your ship to the crest of starry waves
up to where there is no up nor down
to steal the hearts of nebulae
which then to set in lieu of sails
to carry you farther
into depths you’ve never sailed

but know from maps dreamed up
in harbourside slumber
and treasured in dull waking hours
when dawn sailed out
without allowing you to follow
so now you cross its way, charging
into the night beyond
and hunt the gold of distant suns


Volatile thoughts sublimating
into night-coloured vapours,
filling up the jar between your hands
until their neon blaze ignites
into a universe,
gamma rays shooting back at you,
up through your nerves and fingertips,
flashing behind fluttering eyelids
as you squeeze your ears shut
and stuff the universe into your mouth,
hoping to extinguish the fire born
in neurons touching asterocyte skies