Master’s Degree!

Finally, finally I got the notification saying my final marks are now online. My master’s thesis didn’t go all wrong despite all the hassles. Not absolutely brilliant, but still good enough. My overall grade is in the a-little-less-than-very-good area, just good enough to allow me to apply for PhD programmes and job positions in research without having to fear being sorted out as soon as someone looks at my results. Could have been worse.

I don’t have my certificate yet as I will have to request it myself (to make sure all my electives are on record before they print it), which I’ll do in two weeks or so to make sure I can still work this and maybe even next month in my current job before they exmatriculate me.



Lead me …

I still don’t have the results for my master’s thesis. I don’t even know whether I passed or not. Honestly, I don’t know if I even care anymore.

For the moment I’ll have to focus on my work (still have to work through a backlog of several hours) and then …

The last few years everything fell into place in some unexpected ways. Maybe it’s time I learn to trust again in being lead, in being guided to the next step. It’s just so frustrating to see others’ careers take of, people living their dreams, while to me it looks like I’ll never find a way to get paid for doing the things I really love. Sometimes I don’t even know what my dreams are. But photography is at least part of it. Writing my PhD about African languages/cultures would enable me to combine my love for research and photography. Cultural documentation in more than one way would be awesome. So would be science, art, and many other things. Capoeira, theology, growing vegetables.

I want to dream big again. I just don’t know where to start.

Two more nights to freedom …

Just two more nights until I’ll have to sit my oral exam – my final exam in the master’s programme!

I’ve been sick all week long last week, so I’m pretty much delayed concerning working my way through all the literature I’m supposed to know. The list I sent to my professor is rather short, but it can’t be helped now.

At least I found a pretty cool paper on metaphor use in Swahili I plan to use as a source for examples: Some of them are quite funny and I read them to Darling just for shit and giggles.

So much to read! I’ll have to finish the relevant chapters of Lakoff’s “Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things” and Epstein’s “Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature”, not to mention three big chunks of gibberish on semantic networks (for which I needed two weeks when working through them for the first time a year ago). Tomorrow sounds like fun …

I’m looking forward to being free – the exam will be on Friday morning, after that there is a work meeting. Then: Capoeira and weekend!

master’s thesis update: three more nights!

So I’ve only got three nights left and there is so much to write! At the moment I’m only able to function somewhat normally on a mix of caffeine and valerian, because otherwise I fall asleep (without anything) or either run around in a manic-creative mood or get really bad anxiety/panic attacks (both on caffeine, depending on current depression level). Overall I’m rather jumpy these days. Yuck.

I’m looking forward to going to capoeira class again without feeling guilty about not being at my desk again! And to sleeping at normal times.

my first flexi-8 hair clip :) (“compass rose”)


My first flexi-8 hair clip arrived today! So I guess I’m officially a hair geek now (this kind of hair clip is mostly worn in the long hair community where people try to grow long, healthy hair by using sensible care and styling products instead of nasty chemicals, curling irons, and hair elastics/barrettes with sharp-edged metal caps).

It’s a second-hand flexi I found online, it’s the “Compass Rose” model in size M. Darling bought it for me as an early graduation gift (just one more week to get all this writing done *faint*).

I like this one, it looks a little more elegant than what I usually use to hold back my hair (mostly black elastics, a piece of blue ribbon, and a uni-colour hair stick) while not being too flashy or girly. The design reminds me of Finnish symphonic metal, arctic cold, Polaris, a sub-plot in my unfinished novel, and the song “Light of the North” by Heather Dale. It’s one of the few flexi designs I’d classify as more or less gender neutral (okay, the rhinestone in the middle is still up for debate). Neutral stuff makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.

And I’m glad I finally own something that works like a hair stick in a bun, while it doesn’t pose a constant threat to the eyes of people who hug me (the two hair sticks I own are quite long and pointy).

I don’t plan to collect a lot of flexi hair clips, though I’ve been ogling the “Tidepool Treasures” design for a while – it has a blue starfish on it! If I get used to wearing my hair down again I might buy this in one of the smaller sizes in summer to keep my front hair out of my face in a half-up.

And I can proudly report that the first strands of hair have reached my waist, I hope the rest will follow soon :)