Update: Wedding Homepage

Yesterday I received some more pictures of our wedding, especially of our guests. Under http://hochzeit.hyfing.de/?page_id=205  on our homepage I opened a new section. If you agree to have a picture of you added, please contact me :)


more wedding photos …

More wedding photos can be found on our homepage www.hochzeit.hyfing.de. It’s mostly in German, but pictures are kind of a universal language :D

Please refrain from distributing these pictures elsewhere on the internet! Don’t email them to your friends. You can copy the URL of this blog entry (the very one you are reading at the moment, not the one of our homepage!) to show them.

Saving pictures on your own device for personal purpose like decorating your living room is fine.

Wedding Photos

Hyfing-074 Hyfing-759For all the impatient and romantic souls out there: Here are two pictures from our wedding photo shooting. These photos were taken by a kind lady with the initials K.H. Be nice to us and her, and ask beforehand if you’d like to share these pictures somewhere.The thing in the background of the second picture is a red umbrella. We had some late summer rain on that day.

Favourite Friday: Fictional Couples

In honour of love – and the fact that Darling and I’ll get married in church tomorrow – I present to you:

My favourite fictional couples. So here’s to all the science fiction shippers and lovers of fluff :)

First of all, there’s Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill from Stargate: SG1. It may sound stupid, but most things I know about love I’ve learned from Stargate and the fanfiction around it. And maybe that’s one of the reason I didn’t end up in a ton of typical teenage relationships while in middle school. Thank you, TV. (And yes, they aren’t portrayed as a real couple most of the time, but that’s what made this show attractive for me. I don’t particularly enjoy shows totally centred around a relationship, they just don’t seem realistic enough.)

Next up: Star Treck. Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher (TNG), Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay (Voyager). I’m pretty predictable, am I? Haven’t watched these shows in ages. Better let old dreams rest.

Yeah, and Scully and Mulder, of course. I wasn’t allowed to watch The X-Files on TV as a teenager (maybe was for the better), but when I found some of the books in our local library I couldn’t be stopped from devouring them. From the beginning on it was clear to me that these two agents were meant to be. Some days ago I somehow got the idea to start watching this old show finally. So far I’m hooked, but it’s a little spooky (see what I did there?) and I’m glad I don’t have to watch it alone. Gotta love these guys. They might have inspired this post a tiny little bit …

I nearly forgot Henry and Rika (aka Jenrya and Ruki) from Digimon Tamers. Hehe. They are so cute together. At least cute enough to inspire cute fanfiction. Can you hear me fangirl? Lol.

Hm, seems I haven’t read a lot of books containing romance recently. So TV and fanfiction has to suffice for now. Oh wait. Rachel and Tobias from the Animorphs series. Still haven’t read the last five or ten volumes. The model and the hawk-boy. Good old times.

This list might be edited in the future.

Love, Starfish





Favourite Friday: Accessories

I’m a rather plain dresser, because I like being able to combine my jeans and tops and shoes in many ways without standing out to much. So this calls for some …

Favourite Accessories:

Big scarves made from smoothly woven cotton. I really, really like scarves, because I feel cold at my neck about 90% of the year, because they add flair and layers to any simple outfit, and because they can be used in many different ways: worn as a simple scarf around the neck (obviously), loosely over head and shohttps://starfishskies.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/favourite-friday-accessories/ulders to protect from sun or light rain, tightly around head and neck against the cold, as a poncho or instead of a thin cardigan. Also useful for carrying additional groceries when I have forgotten to bring an additional bag. I own about 5 big scarves in different colours (three different kinds of blue, white, orange with stripes and the ends)  I wear more or less regularly, and several smaller ones are stuck somewhere in our closet but rarely used anymore.

I also have a soft spot for earrings. Together with scarves they really add something interesting to my rather plain standard wear, and over the last few years I collected about ten or fifteen pairs of cheap but beautiful earrings. But because I’m lazy (and because I don’t want them to get ripped out when hugging somewhat clumsy people, ehem … ) I mostly wear (fake) pearl studs at the moment. They are timeless, simple, and a little more dressy than fake stones. If we travel to attend some celebration I can wear them on the train, in bed, and on the occasion itself. I even bought some real pearl stud and a matching pendant for our wedding celebration (one week from now … time is flying!) and hope to get many years of wear out of them. Don’t want to kill too many seashells/oysters just to look pretty …

Second-hand shop find: shoes!


Well, I never thought I’d ever post a picture of shoes, and even less of shoes bought second-hand. But here we are.

I need shoes that can double as spare shoes for our wedding celebration (don’t want to be stuck in the bridal shoes all night long) and as beach/town wear in France. I had my eyes on a pair of dark blue leather moccasins and wanted to try them on today, but on our way to the mall (had been at the florist’s earlier, normally it wouldn’t be on the way) we came by our local second-hand shop and I saw some white shoes on the “reduced” rack near the door. So I went in, saw this pair of sandals in the style I had been searching for (after I missed the end-of-summer-sale in most shops) – and in my size. They cost me 5€, a tenth of what the moccasins would have cost! (Later on I tried on the moccasins nevertheless, and they weren’t comfortable enough to shell out such a pile of money. But I had some “fun” with high-heels, which is a story for another day.)

And about the France part … we’ll spend our honeymoon (last two weeks of September) in a cozy little hotel at the Côte d’Azur :) Hopefully we’ll find a bit of sunshine there, northern Germany is dark and rainy again.

wedding dress :)

Today I spent the whole day on the road and in the big clothes store full of formal wear, together with my maid of honour and her sister. Taking the wedding dress (I had ordered it last time we were in the store) on and off again, while the seamstresses tried to make it comfortable enough for me. We found a short veil, a bag, and some other stuff as well, in addition to getting said sister stuffed in an enormous and very fancy dress for fun and inspirational pictures. In the end I was really tired but glad that my own dress didn’t slip down or pinch so badly anymore, and that we could take it home. Now it’s hanging on a hanger on a random screw left by previous inhabitants of this apartment in a random wall. Because the clothes rail in our closet is way too low for this long tangle of white … stuff.

As I can’t post a picture of the dress yet you can only have one of a random snail who was discovered one morning in our bathroom some weeks ago, it must have come through the tilted window :)