Preferred mode of contact: leave a comment or message on my Instagram; handle is @starfishskies.

For more social media you can try to get hold of me, see the “About Me” page.


If you need to send me a physical letter for legal or business purposes, you can address it to:

c/o Block Services
Stuttgarter Str. 106
70736 Fellbach

Please note that this address can’t receive packages or artworks, as all incoming mail will be scanned and forwarded to me via e-mail.


Messages sent through the form below currently won’t be read

You can send me a private message here and I’ll try to get back to you via e-mail. Your data will be processed/stored by servers owned by WordPress and Google. I won’t pass your personal info on to any other third party without notification unless there are legal reasons (which you can avoid by being a decent human being)

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