Favourite Friday: Alexander Rybak Songs

Another music post! Please enjoy my three favourite songs by Alexander Rybak.

“Into a Fantasy” – I didn’t even know about that one until it came up after I had watched “Roll With the Wind” on Wednesday, but I listened to it again and again, until I lost count (and started to watch other video snippets from the two “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, I really want to watch them now! After my thesis will be finishd, I guess.)


“Roll With the Wind” – the first of his songs I knew; it was the soundtrack for many of the cold but exciting days during my first semester at university, so far away from everything I knew, freedom gained and some things lost …


“Europe’s Skies” – I have to admit this is a really cheesy one, but living in Europe and thinking about moving to a different country on that continent (and Norway is on the list, most definitely) this song is somewhat meaningful for me.