Voyager: Oh my darling Clementine

Again a video of Seven of Nine and the Doctor singing together. I still don’t like either of them very much, but the fact that they know this song from my childhood makes me hate them a little less. And why don’t I remember this scene? The end is hilarious as well.


Voyager: You are my Sunshine

Music and Star Trek again. This time a real scene from Star Trek: Voyager. A former Borg and a hologram singing a duet – oh, the sweet randomness of science fiction. Even though I sort of dislike both Seven of Nine and the Doctor (he must be one of the most annoying holograms ever, gah) I have to admit that this is a wonderful scene.

Whenever I’ll be done with this annoying term paper I’ll just wrap myself in a blanket and glue myself to a screen to re-watch some good old TNG and Voyager. Take that, Mr Talmy and friends. I’ll just pretend I’m studying alien languages, hoping they don’t express locomotion at all.