Oh, to live in simplicity (sermo in monte)


Oh, to live in simplicity, childlike, free to live in truth – a home made from solid rocks and fruitful trees, between saltwater and sky-wide joy.

Oh, to live like a dancing child in the fields, arms open to embrace the world in peacefulness – harvesting everything else with eyes of love.

Oh, to live trustfully, unafraid of needing a provider, offering nothing but an honest heart – and knowing it to be enough.

Yesterday in youth group we were supposed to take one or more sections from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and represent it in a creative way, be it a drawing, a short play, or poetry. I joined the poetry group, but my brain decided that just one form of art wasn’t enough and kept nagging me to draw a tree and write random stuff next to it. So without much effort the doodled tree and the words above ended up on my piece of paper. It’s loosely based on some of the Beatitudes, Salt of the World, Do Not Worry, and The Wise and Foolish Builders.