October book haul


I’ve been buying too many books again lately. This month’s haul included:

– the Divergent trilogy

Count Zero

Capoeira 100

The Student Phrase Book

So many books – how did I end up buying six books in one month?! Let’s see …

After watching the Divergent movie I wanted to know more about the dystopian future and the characters, so I got myself a box set (the box itself is sort of broken already and I don’t know why, maybe I kicked it against some piece of furniture by accident). So far I’ve made it through Insurgent (I had listened to Divergent as an audiobook before) and the first quarter or so of Allegiant. Nice read, but at the moment I’m pausing because I have trouble concentrating again and it’s hard enough to get things done for university and youth group. I just can’t get myself to sit down and read something for one hour straight right now. It was a good bargain, but still a little on the expensive side considering my budget right now; so no new books for me next month.

Count Zero is the sequel to Neuromancer (the beginning of true cyberpunk), which I read a while back and which left me with some questions. Like, who is Molly really? (Apart from being an awesome street samurai, of course.) Used copy I got for cheap, just like the first volume. I have no idea when I’m going to read this, but I finished the first volume mostly on train rides; and as the book is pretty small as well I’ll just throw it into my backpack when I’m done with Allegiant.

Capoeira 100 … uh, I saw this on the internet by chance, read a few pages on Google Books, and decided it was a cool guide to all kinds of moves and their applications. And it has lots of helpful pictures (the artist in me says “hello drawing references”). Originally I intended to put it on my Christmas wishlist, but then I saw that a slightly used copy was available in my country on Ebay. So instead of making my parents struggle with international sellers I jumped in and bought that copy. Buying used is always good.

The Student Phrase Book was introduced to me by a friend at university. She lent it to me for a week and I really liked how it explained the correct use of typical academic vocabulary and phrasing. This will come in handy both for university (I’m working on a presentation right now) and blogging. In my opinion it’s slightly overpriced for the small amount of content, but I guess it’s an investment for many years.


What’s new in your bookshelf?